Albania Joins NATO! Albania Real Estate – Property Investment Advantages!

As a NATO member there will be more guarantees and confidence for investors in all fields. The next goal for Albania is to become a member of the EU. With EU application already filed, signs are that if Albania will fulfill all the set targets by the EU, then Albania may become a full member by 2015.

Albania has seen many changes in the last decade or so, with tourism increasing plus many major investments in various sectors, which are helping to create many jobs throughout the region. However many resorts and quality hotels are in demand therefore there are opportunities for investors to invest in hospitality and tourism industry.

This is expected to be just the beginning for Albania which has everything to offer from stunning coastline, two Seas (Adriatic and Ionian seas), excellent climate, natural resources, rich history and great hospitality. There is so much to see in Albania if you visit.

Albania tourism is also on the rise with miles of unspoiled sandy beaches, archaeological sites dating back to Ilyrians, very cheap accommodation prices and direct flights to Mother Teresa International Airport in Tirana from most of major cities in Europe. Also direct flights from New York to Tirana.

Albanian government have announced that they will assist and provide interest free loan/mortgages to 6000 homeless families throughout Albania which will be a further strength on the Real Estate property market and will increase the re-sale demand for the local market.

If such proposal will happen, this will create a huge demand for property for the local re-sale market. There are very cheap property in Albania including the coastal regions and the capital city of Tirana. Decent sized apartments in upcoming areas of the city cost from 35.000 Euros. The decent coastal apartments with sea views cost from 35,000 Euros.

Furthermore, Albania property market is mainly based on local market demands therefore Buy To Let apartments (especially in Tirana) are a fantastic investment opportunity.

With almost one third of the Population being expats, most of them wanting to have a property back home. Such demand is expected to keep the local resale market strong and active.

Local real estate agents Albania Properties recommend that the Albania property market will continue to grow for the next five years or more to come especially for land and private houses.